| 1 December 2023, Friday |

Russia doesn’t want to isolate itself, is open to global partnership, says Putin

“Moscow has no desire to isolate itself and is open to constructive co-operation with all the nations”, said Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.
“I would like to stress Russia is open to constructive partnership with all countries; we do not intend to isolate ourselves from anyone, we have no preconceived or what’s more hostile intentions towards anyone,” said Putin.
We hope that our partners will adhere to the principles of equality and mutual benefit in their relations with us,” the Russian president stated.
According to the president, the government’s approaches were elaborately explained in the Russian Foreign Policy Concept which was adopted on March 31.

Putin said that the document envisions the national interests of Russia in the context of the dynamic and complex changing world, and includes the government’s basic objectives and aims as well as the important areas for Russian diplomacy.

“The most important thing is that Russia, as a sovereign and self-sufficient state, will be actively pursuing a balanced, multi-course foreign policy prioritising our domestic development and with particular awareness to the responsibility to maintain stability and security at the global and regional levels,” the Russian president stated.
The statement comes in the wake of French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to China where he is expected to pressurise Chinese President Xi Jinping to play a more active role in establishing peace between Russia and Ukraine, along with European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen.

Macron had stated that he wants to “be a voice that unites Europe” over Ukraine, and visiting China along with von der Leyen serves to “underline the consistency of this approach”.

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