| 18 June 2024, Tuesday |

Russia is producing new batches of missiles, creating private military companies despite sanctions

The Russian-Ukrainian war has been going on for over a year. Ahuge number of sanctions have been imposed against Russia, which successfully put pressure on the economy of the aggressor country. However, Moscow continues to look for loopholes to bypass sanctions and continues its terror against Ukraine.

If we compare the intensity of shelling of Ukrainian cities that was at the beginning of the war and during its first months, with the current attacks of the Russian army, then its frequency has significantly decreased thanks to the sanctions imposed by Western countries and the modern air defense systems provided to the Ukrainian army. However, missile attacks on Ukraine still do not stop, because Russia continues to produce high-precision weapons filled with Western components. The aggressor has found workarounds and imports American and European electronics through third countries. The analysis of the downed Russian missiles showed that the shelling of Ukraine is carried out by new batches of missiles, which have been produced since the beginning of the war. The Russian Federation is constantly accumulating missiles in order to launch massive strikes on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. Since last October, Russia has carried out 15 massive attacks, using more than 820 missiles. Every month, Russian military industries produce up to 40 new missiles. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Russia has managed to produce 240 Kh-101 cruise missiles and about 120 Kalibr cruise missiles.

Russian state-owned companies and corporations do not need to be allowed to earn, they need to be subject to strict sanctions. In addition to the production of new weapons, Russian companies began to create their own private military companies that will replace the exhausted regular army of the Russian Federation. Thanks to this, Russia will try not only to continue the war in Ukraine, but also to start destabilizing the political situation in other countries of the world by sending its mercenaries there.

The key to peace in Europe is the complete isolation of Russia. All state-owned enterprises of the terrorist country should be subject to strong sanctions that will prevent Vladimir Putin from shelling Ukrainian cities and using his mercenaries around the world to export war and chaos.