| 22 June 2024, Saturday |

Russia looking to recruit female fighters as war intensifies against Ukraine

Reportedly, Russia has intensified its efforts to enlist young women for roles as drone operators, snipers, medics, and drivers.
The Bors battalion of the Russian Defence Ministry is running an ad campaign on the country’s major social media platforms, with one account specifically targeting women. The account, named “fighting girls”, is urging girls to sign up and serve in the Russian forces. The conditions — contract length and pay — are identical to those offered by the Bors unit.

Volunteers have the option to sign up for six months and receive special benefits. They can also earn up to above $2000 per month for their services.
Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu proudly announced earlier this year that above 44,000 women were serving in the Russian army.

He said 1,100 of them were directly involved in the “special military operation,” and that one-third had received special state decorations.

Some 1,300 were studying at military colleges, Shoigu added, before describing the women as an “enchanting army.”
Meanwhile, Ukrainian armed forces on Saturday (Nov 4) said they hit marine and port infrastructure at a shipyard in the port city of Kerch on the eastern coast of Russian-controlled Crimea.

The Russia-installed chief of the Crimean region said that the attack targeted a dry dock and that there were no casualties.

Ukraine had “implemented successful strikes on marine and port infrastructure of the ‘Zalyv’ factory in the temporarily occupied city of Kerch,” the Department for Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in a Telegram post.

Russia also confirmed that Ukraine earlier attacked a shipyard in Kerch, damaging at least one Russian ship. Russian media reported that 15 cruise missiles were launched at the shipyard, out of which 13 were destroyed by air defence systems.

“I hope another ship has followed the Moskva!” Mykola Oleshchuk, commander of Ukraine’s Air Force, said in a Telegram post, referring to the Russian Black Sea Fleet flagship sunk by Ukrainian missiles on April 14, 2022.

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