| 4 December 2023, Monday |

Russia questions goal of US aircraft carrier visit to Norway

On Thursday, the Russian Embassy in Norway raised questions about the purpose behind the visit of the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, which is recognized as the largest warship globally, to the Norwegian capital of Oslo.
In a comment to the Norwegian media, the embassy press service called the visit “an unnecessary demonstration of force.”

“There is no a single issue in the north that requires a military solution, not a single topic that requires external intervention.

“Despite the fact that Oslo recognizes that Russia does not pose a direct military threat to Norway, such demonstrations of force look illogical and harmful,” it said.

The Norwegian army tweeted that the USS Gerald R. Ford arrived in Oslo on Wednesday, adding: “We look forward to cooperation and joint training.” It also noted earlier that the arrival of the vessel allows Norway to develop relations with “the most important ally – the United States.”

  • Anadolu Agency