| 5 December 2023, Tuesday |

Russia says destroyed 257 Ukrainian drones, 50 HIMARS rockets over past week

According to the Russian defense ministry, their air defense forces and radio-electronic warfare systems successfully neutralized approximately 260 Ukrainian drones and intercepted nearly 50 HIMARS rockets in the past week.
“In the past week, [Russian] air defense forces and radio-electronic warfare systems destroyed or jammed 257 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles and intercepted 46 HIMARS rockets, nine Storm Shadow cruise missiles, two JDAM air bombs and three HARM anti-radar missiles,” Russia’s defense ministry said as cited by state news agency TASS.

Overall, since the beginning of the invasion, Russia’s armed forces have destroyed 477 Ukrainian warplanes, 249 combat helicopters, 7,067 unmanned aerial vehicles, 438 surface-to-air missile systems, 12,071 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 1,154 multiple rocket launchers, 6,502 field artillery guns and mortars and 13,351 special military motor vehicles.
Separately, Russia accused Ukraine of firing 85 various projectiles, including HARM missiles, towards populated areas of the Russian-backed self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in eastern Ukraine on Saturday.

“In the Donetsk area, the adversary conducted 20 shelling attacks using AGM-88 HARM missiles and 155mm artillery shells. In the Gorlovka area, eight shelling attacks were registered, involving MLRS rounds as well as 152mm and 155mm artillery shells, including with cluster charge. Two shelling attacks took place in the Yasinovataya area, both involving 155mm munitions. Overall, 85 munitions of various types were fired,” a DPR mission said as cited by TASS.

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