| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Russia seeks to seize more of Ukrainian territories, Ukraine calls for providing more weapons

Collaborator V. Rogov called for « moving » the front line 150 km deeper into Ukraine. This de facto coincides with the narratives spun by the Kremlin as Moscow doesn’t even hide the intention to capture Ukraine. Putin has started a war of aggression, which in the future may go beyond the borders of Ukraine and into Europe – that’s if he is not stopped in the east of Ukraine by ensuring that the required weaponry is provided to the Ukrainian army. Any delay would give the terrorist state more impetus and encourage Putin to further territorial expansion. Arms supplies to Ukraine are the only way to stop the aggressor in its path.

Putin is an adept of Eurasianism, a geopolitical concept implying Russia’s control over the entire northern part of Asia and indirect control over Europe through its resource dependence on Russia and neutralization of military potential. According to this concept, physical territory is crucial. The geopolitical term « living space » is the starting point of Putin’s territorial expansion. The Kremlin dictator believes that the larger the territory Russia de facto controls, the greater its economic and defense potential becomes. That is why such puppets as Rogov, Kadyrov and others often voice odious narratives drafted in the Kremlin. Rogov’s call to move the front deeper into the territory of Ukraine is nothing more than media preparation of his audiences in the face of likely escalation.

For Europe, this means that neither Poland, nor the Baltic States, nor Finland can feel secure in the face of the Russian threat. Putin unleashed his war of aggression on Ukraine because he sees the country as Russia’s historical territory, which is absolutely false. So his army can likely try to invade Europe if it gains sufficient military potential. Currently, covert mobilization is going on throughout Russia as no decree was ever issued to stop or suspend it.

According to preliminary estimates, 500,000 Russians could be called up for service by this summer, that’s in addition to the 300,000 already mobilized. In total, almost 5 million men may be drafted across Russia. They will be of no use if the Russian army has no adequate arsenal of weapons to support such manpower mass. The Russian military industry works 24/7: in 2022, the number of manufactured hardware (trucks, tanks, and other equipment) increased by almost 18%. Putin is preparing for a protracted war, dreaming of moving the war theater to the EU territory.

It is more than obvious that there is no other way to tackle the Russian aggressor, except by supplying more arms to Ukraine. The only language Putin understands is that of force, and he no longer hides that the so-called « special military operation » is, in fact, a war of aggression against Ukraine, which he is waging employing the tools of terror and genocide. Under such conditions, the Ukrainian army must receive all the weapons it requires because it is this force that is now protecting Europe from the Russian hordes. The overall concept of putting Russia in its place should be more comprehensive: not only weapons for Ukraine, but also the most excruciating sanctions on Moscow amid full consensus of the international community regarding Russia’s complete isolation.

Source: Fürge Hír