| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Russia sees military coordination with Israel on Syria continuing amid Ukraine crisis

The Russian embassy confirmed on Saturday that military coordination with Israel over Syria is ongoing, although Moscow expressed unhappiness with Israeli remarks about the Ukraine issue.

Following Russia’s participation in Syria’s civil war in 2015, Israel established a “deconfliction system” with the large power to avoid unintentional clashes during Israeli attacks against Iranian deployments and arms shipments in the Arab neighbor.

“On a daily basis, our military leaders debate the practical concerns of this.” The Russian embassy in Israel stated in a statement that “this mechanism has shown to be effective and will continue to function.”

While expressing support for Israel’s security requirements, it also restated its objection to Syrian sovereignty transgressions.

When questioned about the potential for ongoing collaboration with Russia over Syria, the Israeli military simply stated that its troops “would act when necessary to confront threats, defend the citizens of Israel, and our sovereignty.”

Israel, whose primary ally is the US, denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday as a “severe breach of international order,” but has kept mainly silent on Moscow’s activities since then.

In response, Moscow summoned Israel’s envoy for discussions, referring to its operations in Ukraine as a “special operation.” The Russian envoy to the United Nations reiterated Russia’s objection to Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights. In a 1967 conflict, Israel took the important plateau from Syria and annexed it,  a move that won US recognition in 2019.

Though the Ukraine crisis has sent Washington-Moscow ties tumbling, the US confirmed on Thursday that its deconfliction system with Russia over Syria has not changed.

  • Reuters