| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Russia targets Kyiv after Putin’s Ukraine ‘victory’ pledge

On Thursday, shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin concluded a news conference in which he declared “victory” over Ukraine, air raid sirens and heavy explosions could be heard across Kyiv.

There have been two explosions in the city, according to AFP correspondents there.

According to Yuriy Ignat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian air force, multiple Russian missiles also struck Starokostiantyniv, a town in western Ukraine that is home to a military base.

Starokostiantyniv’s Khmelnytskyi region has been repeatedly targeted by Russian attacks during the nearly two-year war.

“A missile hit the Khmelnytskyi region,” Ignat said, without specifying whether the town itself or its airfield had been hit.

The airstrikes came moments after Putin concluded a four-hour press conference during which he pledged to ensure the “de-nazification and de-militarization” of Ukraine, pledging: “I am sure that victory will be ours.”

On Wednesday, 53 people were injured by a salvo of Russian missile strikes on Kyiv, the heaviest on the capital in months.

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