| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Russian Ambassador Alipov commends India’s G20 presidency, hopeful on joint statement; slams US

In a strong display of endorsement, Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov has praised India’s upcoming G20 presidency as a crucial landmark in the ongoing year.
Alipov affirmed, “We have been very closely engaged with the Indian presidency and with member countries on the agenda that India has proposed.”

He stressed Russia’s firm endorsement of India’s priorities and expressed enthusiasm for its emphasis on bolstering the global south’s role in world affairs.
Speaking to WION, Alipov underlined Russia’s backing of the initiative to grant full-time membership to the African Union within the G20.

He articulated, “We have supported the initiative to make the African Union a full-time member of the G20.”

While the G20 summit looms, concerns have surfaced on a potential joint statement, given the contrasting positions held by the G7 nations and Russia alongside China.

Ambassador Alipov acknowledged the current impasse, noting, “At the moment, discussion looks like stuck.”

He held onto optimism for a harmonious resolution, expressing hope for a solution that addresses Russia’s “legitimate concerns.”

Delving into the India-US dynamic, Alipov exhibited optimism about potential benefits for Russia-India relations but voiced reservations about the US stance.

He emphasised Russia’s cooperative intent and stated, “US has a different approach. It openly says that they are keen to disrupt Russia-India relations, something that we cannot accept and do not encourage.”

Amid the backdrop of the Ukraine conflict, Alipov commended India’s role in peace efforts, and appreciated the endeavours of the African nations as well.
Looking toward future collaboration, Alipov explored the prospect of incorporating India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system in Russia, similar to India-UAE engagement on the matter.

He articulated the potential of this move, stating, “The increase of the use of Indian systems, RuPay and our systems will be much welcomed development.

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