| 29 November 2023, Wednesday |

Russian journalist who dared to criticise Vladimir Putin picked up by police while walking dogs

Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova was detained by Russian police on Sunday, Months after she interrupted a live TV broadcast to protest Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine According to AFP. Her arrest came just days after Ovsyannikova demonstrated alone near the Kremlin with a sign criticising Russia’s presence in Ukraine and President Vladimir Putin. The journalist had gone out for a walk with her dogs when she was abruptly approached by people in uniforms, reports Reuters. Her arrest was announced on her Telegram channel, along with photographs of two police officers leading her towards a white van.
“Marina has been detained,” said the post, adding “There is no information on where she is.”

The Ria-Novosti news agency received confirmation of her detention from her attorney, Dmitri Zakhvatov, who claimed to be unaware of Ovsyannikova’s whereabouts.
He said, “I assume that it is linked one way or another to her act of protest.”
Shortly after the arrest, as per Reuters Marina posted a picture of herself and her two dogs on her Facebook page.


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