| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

Saudi 100 Brands fashion exhibition kicks off in New York

The Saudi Fashion Commission on Tuesday opened an exhibition in New York City that features conceptual to demi-couture fashions that highlight the Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage.

The Saudi 100 Brand Exhibition, which debuted outside of the Middle East, gathered together 100 Saudi designers to present their innovative collections of works that included anything from clothes to jewelry. It is anticipated to last until August 7.

According to the commission, the Saudi fashion brands were showcasing their work in eight different exhibition sections: ready-to-wear, conceptual fashion, luxury fashion, demi-couture, bridal fashion, handbags, jewelry, and modest fashion.

Saudi 100 Brands is a global traveling exhibition which features a curated selection of designs by Saudi brands, which are chosen from a batch of almost 1,500 which were tasked with creating pieces that highlighted and reflected Saudi cultural heritage.

The first day of the event was attended by the Kingdom’s Ambassador to the US Princess Reema bint Bandar.

“I had the privilege to attend the opening of the 100 Brands exhibit led by [the Saudi Fashion Commission]. It was a spectacular showcase of Saudi creativity and talent, and I’m thrilled to witness this milestone,” the ambassador tweeted on Tuesday.


The exhibition is part of a more extensive program that aims to mentor Saudi designers and provide opportunities for showcasing their work.

The 100 chosen designers receive advice from fashion experts across the world through workshops and one-on-one mentorship opportunities which focus on design, marketing, sales strategy, and innovation.

The Saudi Fashion Commission aims to oversee and regulate the quality of output created by Saudi talent in the fashion sector and to support designers by strengthening the industry within the country and abroad.

The commission aims to enhance Saudi cultural heritage and identity and to contribute to the Saudi economy.

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