| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

Saudi Arabia allocates $8b to support entrepreneurs, venture Capital

Saudi authorities allocated $8 billion to support entrepreneurs and venture capital, and the Saudi Venture Investment Company intends to increase the investment allocation in the coming years by $1.6 billion.


The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monshaat) signed an agreement to establish incubators and business accelerators to develop the industrial and mining sectors and logistical services.


The agreement was signed on the last day of the Biban 23 Forum, organized by Monshaat.


The Ministry’s official spokesman, Jarrah al-Jarrah, explained that the agreement aims to set a framework for joint action between the two parties and unify efforts with the relevant authorities.


Jarrah noted that this would help boost coordination and effective joint action and achieve the desired goals of small and medium enterprises’ development initiatives.


He stated that the agreement would involve the authority in the projects undertaken by the Ministry to establish incubators and business accelerators related to small and medium enterprises in the targeted sectors.


It would also promote cooperation and joint coordination in a project to study and implement industrial and mining incubators and accelerators.


Based on the agreement, the two parties will exchange experiences, information, reports, and studies related to the entrepreneurship environment for the targeted sectors, according to the regulations and policies.


Furthermore, the Saudi Industrial Development Fund signed a cooperation agreement with Monshaat to provide advisory support to SME owners of small and medium enterprises on launching industrial programs.


The agreement aims to provide new entrepreneurial opportunities by transforming promising ideas and innovations into successful industrial projects and provide entrepreneurs with the basic skills to identify and develop investment ideas.


It also assists in preparing a feasibility study, enabling them to establish and launch their industrial projects.


The Fund aims to provide its support and expertise in qualifying SME owners to enter the industrial sector, ensuring the projects have added value and played an active role in developing the local economy.


Also, at Biban 23, the Saudi Social Development Bank asserted its commitment to enhance entrepreneurship and support small and medium-sized enterprises with $6.3 billion in financing over the next three years.


CEO Ibrahim al-Rashid said the bank’s strategy is to boost economic productivity within programs and products to provide financing solutions for emerging enterprises, develop support services, offer financing alternatives, and encourage economic activity in less developed regions.


The E-Commerce Council launched several initiatives with international universities, training centers, and significant leading companies to provide training programs for those wishing to learn sector skills.


It also aims to provide job opportunities in related companies, empower entrepreneurs, and facilitate business start-ups.


Biban 23, under the theme “Fostering Tangible Opportunities,” continued its fifth and final day with a series of workshops and sessions aimed at enhancing entrepreneurship and stimulating entrepreneurial skills through specialized programs in increasing administrative, financial, and technical efficiencies. The forum also aims to support individuals with ideas to launch their projects.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat