| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Saudi Arabia arrests two citizens for possession of over 40,000 amphetamine tablets

The official Saudi Press Agency announced on Tuesday that authorities in Saudi Arabia apprehended two citizens in possession of illicit amphetamine tablets and a revolver.

Authorities allegedly discovered 40,000 narcotic tablets, as well as a “weapon and ammunition” secreted in the vehicle associated to the two people detained.

According to SPA, legal action has been taken, and the two have been referred to the Public Prosecution.

Smugglers, distributors, and possessors of illicit substances in the Kingdom have been increasingly targeted by authorities.

Amphetamine, methamphetamine, and captagon are just a few of the illicit chemicals that have been seized around the country.


Since the beginning of the year, more than 25 million Captagon pills have been confiscated across the region, according to an AFP count.

On February 16, maritime patrols foiled an effort to transport 10 kg of amphetamine tablets.

On February 15, two people were apprehended in possession of 5.1 kilos of the banned substance methamphetamine.

After Saudi Arabia’s Customs foiled an effort to smuggle over five million Captagon pills, the Kingdom banned the import of fruit and vegetables from Lebanon in 2021 as part of its drug campaign.

A person implicated in importing illicit substances faces the death penalty, according to the Ministry of the Interior (MOI).

Individuals who deal the material, on the other hand, risk being imprisoned, lashed, and/or fined. According to the MOI, repeat offenders may face the death penalty.

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