| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Saudi Arabia summons five social media influencers for violating media content rules

Authorities in Saudi Arabia recently summoned five social media influencers for violating media content rules, raising the total number of violators to 65 individuals so far this year alone.

According to the Kingdom’s General Commission for Audiovisual Media, the violations varied from influencers posting misleading advertisements to other infractions involving posting content that violated the commission’s rules.

Authorities said their recent efforts aim to protect the interests of society and social media followers and contribute to the provision of diversified and targeted media content “provided that it does not include misleading information or what violates the audiovisual media system.”

Saudi Arabia continues to be a social media powerhouse in the region, with a majority of the population being active on at least one platform.

According to a Global Media Insight (GMI) report, Saudi Arabia currently has 27.8 million active users on social media out of a population of 35.08, a 79.25 percent penetration rate.

Youtube currently leads to way compared to other social media platforms with 31.4 million users from Saudi Arabia, an 89.5 percent penetration rate.

  • alarabiya