| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Saudi authorities seize 1.3 million drug pills smuggled from Turkey

Saudi news agency SPA reported on Monday that customs at Jeddah Islamic Port were able to  foil an attempt to smuggle 1,323,000 Captagon pills, which were found hidden in a cargo of clothes,
The drugs were discovered by X-ray stitched into the linings of a consignment of fur clothing, that had arrived from Turkey’s Port of Iskenderun, the authority’s undersecretary for security affairs Mohammed Al-Naeem said.
He added that after the attempt was thwarted, two people – who were waiting to receive the pills – were caught in coordination with the General Directorate for Narcotics Control.
Al-Naeem confirmed that Saudi Customs are continuing to tighten customs control over all imports, exports and travelers as well as combating smuggling in all its forms.
He also said that Saudi Customs thwarted over 12.5 million pills shipped from the same port since last year.