| 11 December 2023, Monday |

Saudi, Jordanian naval forces conclude 5-day joint military exercise

The Royal Saudi Naval Forces and their Jordanian counterparts completed a combined maritime exercise on Thursday, according to the Saudi Ministry of Defense.

The Saudi Arabian Eastern Fleet hosted Safe Beach 5, which began on Sunday.

The commander of the participating forces, Maj. Gen. Ali bin Saeed Al-Shehri, commended the Royal Jordanian Naval Forces for their cooperation and stated the fifth staging of the joint exercise was completed with a high level of proficiency.

The exercise is designed to boost military cooperation, coordination and the exchange of expertise between the nations’ forces, authorities said. A number of operations took place with the aim of raising levels of readiness and enhancing combat capabilities.

Col. Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Balawi, the director of the exercise, said that the participants in Safe Beach 5 successfully completed all of its stages, theoretical and operational, with high levels of skill and proficiency, which reflected the quality of the preparation, coordination and implementation.

“The goals set for this exercise were achieved with all seriousness and in the spirit of unified joint action,” he said.

  • Arab News