| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Saudis and Arabs waiting for “wonderful coupling” in the Kingdom’s sky this evening

With the naked eye, citizens of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, can see the triple conjunction of the crescent moon, Venus and Mars in the sky of the Kingdom and the Arab world, according to the agency, “SPA”.

Head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Eng. Majed Abu Zahira, explained that this conjunction is the first of 3 cases of conjunction between Venus and Mars in just eight months, with similar scenes repeated on February 12 and on March 12, 2022.

He pointed out that conjugation’ cases are not rare, but they do not usually gather in a triple, where the moon is the brightest object in the night sky, and near it, Venus will appear in its bright silver color and Mars in its faint red-orange color, and this will form an interesting image in the sky.

Abu Zahira stated that the term “conjunction” refers to two or more celestial bodies close to each other, pointing out that the most common cases of pairing are for the moon, whether in the evening or dawn, along with any of the bright planets and bright stars, or even between the planets themselves.

He said that some cases of conjunction involve more than two objects, such as when there are two planets in conjunction with the Moon, as will happen on Monday evening.

He added that sometimes, when the pairing is between two objects with a very close apparent distance, they appear in the same field of view of the telescope. He added that the optimal time to take pictures of this eye-catching event is about 30 minutes after sunset. AL-Hurra

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