| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

Scores reported killed in Gaza after Israel-Hamas truce collapses

Following the breakdown of negotiations to prolong a week-long ceasefire with Hamas, Israel’s jets bombarded Gaza on Friday, forcing wounded and dead Palestinians into hospitals and others onto the streets in search of shelter.

As the deadline passed just after dawn, Reuters journalists in the city reported that heavy artillery was directed towards the eastern parts of Khan Younis in southern Gaza, resulting in columns of smoke billowing into the sky. With their belongings piled high in carts, the residents fled westward, seeking refuge elsewhere.

In the north of the enclave, previously the main war zone, huge plumes of smoke rose above the ruins, seen from across the fence in Israel. The rattle of gunfire and thud of explosions rang out above the sound of barking dogs.

Rocket sirens also blared across southern Israel as militants fired from the coastal enclave into towns.

Within hours of the truce expiring, Gaza health officials reported that 109 people had been killed and dozens wounded in air strikes that hit at least eight homes.

  • Reuters