| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Seven Russians killed after grenade accidentally goes off near Ukrainian border

Interfax news agency reported on Tuesday that at least seven people were killed after a hand grenade accidentally went off in a Russian region bordering Ukraine,

The emergency services said that a search is still on to locate four more missing people.

“Four dead have been found among the missing. The number of victims has increased to seven people,” the emergency services told Interfax.

According to reports, the incident took place on the weakened in the southern Belgorod region.

It was reported that a sergeant “unintentionally” detonated a hand grenade inside a dormitory at a location for military personnel, Interfax said, citing emergency services.

The ammunition blast triggered a massive fire, killing three servicemen and injuring 16 others, including the one who accidentally detonated.

Reports from the Telegram channel Baza, which is close to Russian security services, said that all the victims of the blast were being mobilised to fight the Ukrainian forces.

In late September, President Vladimir Putin had announced the mobilisation of 300,000 troops to bolster Russian personnel in Ukraine following a series of setbacks on the ground.

Earlier this month, Putin indicated that Russia would increase its spending on the military in the next two years, signalling that he is preparing for a prolonged and costly war with Ukraine.

He said that the conflict could turn into a “long-term process”, and added the Russia has no intention of drawing back from its goals of regime change in Ukraine.

“The partial mobilisation that was carried out revealed certain problems, as everyone well knows, which should be promptly addressed,” he said.

“I ask the ministry of defence to be attentive to all civilian initiatives, including taking into account criticism and responding correctly, in a timely manner.”

Calling Russian troops as “heroes”, Putin said that half of the 300,000 mobilised soldiers were currently stationed away from the battlefield.

“This is a sufficient reserve for conducting the special military operation,” Putin said.

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