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Shooting incident at Germanland school; shooting suspect shot down by police

A significant police response was initiated in Germantown, Wisconsin, in the United States in response to reports of an active shooter situation at a middle school on Monday, October 23rd.
As per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the shooter incident happened on Monday evening. Soon after, around 6:36 pm, the suspected shooter was shot down by the police. According to a statement by the police, the suspected shooter died at the scene.
Citing an officer with the Germantown Police Department, the publication states that no injuries among the students have been reported.

How it unfolded
Police had initially responded to Kennedy Middle School after receiving a report of a man “acting erratically” in the school parking lot.

The man later managed to climb onto the roof of the school, and was pursued by two officers on foot.

Officers, as per the reported, returned fire after the suspect opened fire. In this crossfire, the suspect was shot and killed.

The incident triggered a large law enforcement response, and the school was put in lockdown by the Germantown School District.

In a statement released on Facebook, the Germantown School district informed parents that all the children were being transported by bus to nearby MacArthur Elementary. It advised parents to carry identification for pickup.
An update posted later announced the Kennedy Middle School will stay closed on Tuesday (October 24th), and that the school continues to “work closely with the Germantown Police Department concerning the incident this evening at Kennedy Middle School.”

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It added that “all students, families, and staff that were in the building are safe, accounted for, and have been reunited with their families and loved ones.”
As per reports at the time of the incident, there were about 50 to 70 students in the school. Officers involved in the incident have been placed on an administrative leave, as is the standard protocol.

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