| 3 October 2023, Tuesday |

Six killed in rare attack near Malian capital

Six individuals were slain by unidentified armed men at a checkpoint 70 kilometers (44 miles) east of Mali’s capital, Bamako, according to the security minister on Friday.

It did not specify who was behind the attack, which occurred overnight on Thursday in a region of southern Mali that has been relatively undisturbed by the Islamist insurgency that has ravaged the country’s central and northern areas.

The ministry stated in an online statement that three of those slain were members of the security forces and three were civilians.

Mali is battling an insurgency that arose following a coup in 2012 and has now moved from the country’s desert north into neighboring nations. Thousands of people have perished, and millions have been displaced across the Sahel.

Some of the organizations have ties to al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

  • Reuters