| 9 December 2023, Saturday |

Slovak party PS says it will still try to form coalition after Fico win

 Liberal party Progresivne Slovensko (Progressive Slovakia, PS), which won the second highest number of votes in a Slovak parliamentary election, still sees an option to form a ruling coalition, its leader Michal Simecka said on Sunday.

Simecka, speaking after the Saturday election, said PS would do what it can to prevent vote winner SMER-SSD from forming a government.

SMER-SSD, led by former prime minister Robert Fico, who campaigned on pledges to end military aid to Ukraine, won 22.94% of the vote, with results from 99.98% of voting districts counted on Sunday.

PS came in second with 17.96%, and five other parties also won seats.

“SMER-SSD won the election, we of course respect that,” Simecka told a news conference.

“But at the same time we believe that this is very bad news for Slovakia. And it would be even worse news if Robert Fico succeeds in forming a government,” he added.

“We will do everything…so that Robert Fico does not rule in Slovakia.”

He said he would reach out to other party leaders to discuss a way forward, and acknowledged that third-placed leftist party HLAS (Voice) had a key position.

“Basically two realistic coalitions exist: One is led by SMER and the potential other one made up of Progressive Slovakia and other partners, Simecka said.

HLAS kept its options open after the election result became clear earlier on Sunday. SMER-SSD called a news conference for 1:00 p.m. (1100 GMT) to discuss the election results.

  • Reuters