| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

South Korea to hit Belarus with export controls

South Korea announced on Sunday that it will impose export restrictions on Belarus, a close ally of Russia, for “essentially aiding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Seoul’s foreign ministry said the limitations would be comparable to those placed on Russia earlier, without specifying what they would be.

Last month, South Korea announced that it will strengthen export controls against Moscow by prohibiting the supply of strategic products and joining a group of Western countries in freezing financial transactions with six large Russian banks.

“Our government decided today to impose export control measures on Belarus as well,” the ministry stated in a statement, “finding that Belarus is effectively aiding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Russia’s military has utilized Belarus as a staging ground for its assault on Ukraine, despite Belarusian strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko insisting that his own soldiers were not involved.

South Korea’s decision comes as a rising number of Western nations, sporting organizations, and large corporations have isolated Russia by imposing harsh penalties in response to the universally condemned attack on its neighbor.

After days of violence, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Saturday that if Ukraine’s authorities “keep doing what they’re doing,” the country will perish.

He also claimed that any country that imposes a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine will be regarded a combatant, and that economic penalties are equivalent to declaring war.

The International Monetary Fund cautioned that if the situation in Ukraine escalated, the already “severe” global economic consequences would be “all the more disastrous.”

  • AFP