| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

Spain seizes 12 bank accounts, 3 yachts, 23 properties belonging to Russians

Since the conflict in Ukraine erupted, Spanish authorities have blocked 12 bank accounts and funds, as well as three boats and 23 properties belonging to Russian oligarchs, according to the prime minister’s chief of staff.

Oscar Lopez, speaking in the Spanish parliament, said the assets had been confiscated in accordance with the European Union’s sanctions against Russian oligarchs.


Over the last two months, Spanish authorities have seized the yachts of billionaires Viktor Vekselberg, Alexander Mikheev and Sergey Chemezov.
But Spain’s actions against oligarchs have reportedly been limited due to a legal loophole that shields the identities of company owners.

According to the El Pais daily, the government is planning to pass new measures that could help unveil the true ownership of more suspicious assets and lead to significantly more seizures.

Lopez also announced that 130,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Spain. Of them, 5,400 are children who are already attending school.

Spain has been impacted by the war in Ukraine in terms of cybercrime, explained Lopez.
In his address, he said the number of cyberattacks in Spain decreased from 13,000 in 2020 to 10,831 in 2021 but that the attacks were becoming increasingly damaging.



  • Anadolu Agency