| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

Swedish parliament to vote on Soc Dem leader as new PM on Wednesday

Sweden’s parliament will vote on Wednesday on whether to confirm Social Democrat leader Magdalena Andersson as prime minister, the Riksdag speaker said on Monday, amid ongoing doubts about her ability to rally enough support.

After Stefan Lofven resigned as prime minister earlier this month, Andersson has been in talks with the Left Party to secure their support for her to become the country’s first female prime minister.

“Unfortunately, we have not straightened out all the details, and we have not reached a deal,” Andersson told reporters. “Therefore, it is not clear yet that I will be passed by the Riksdag, but the Speaker has decided to put me forward me as a candidate in a prime ministerial vote.”

From 2014, Lofven led a fragile, minority coalition government with the Greens which relied on support from the Centre and Left Parties. Andersson replaced Lofven as leader of the Social Democrats earlier this month.

The Centre Party has said it will not block Andersson, but talks with the Left Party have stalled.

The vote will be held at 0800 GMT on Wednesday.

  • Reuters