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Taiwan can propose governance ideas after unifying with China: PLA

Lieutenant General He Lei of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) stated that if Taiwan were to reunify with mainland China, it would be able to propose its own governance ideas as long as they are in accordance with the “one China” principle.
“What’s important now is to find new solutions for the ‘two systems’ so that ‘one country, two systems’ can work for Taiwan,” He Lei stated on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue defence conference held in Singapore.

The statement was made by the lieutenant general while saying how Beijing would make unification of the self-ruled island more palatable, and added that “there are wise people in Taiwan who can make their suggestions”.
The same proposition about reunification with Taiwan was raised by Chinese President Xi four years ago when he chaired an anniversary session in Beijing, said Andrew Yang Nien-dzu, a former Taiwanese defence minister. Yang stated that Xi’s remarks underscored the chasm of understanding between Taipei and Beijing.

“Beijing’s ‘one country, two systems’ formula has no market in Taiwan and Taiwanese people believe this is just a trick by the mainland to destroy the Republic of China government,” stated Yang, using Taiwan’s official name.

“Taiwan has stated its position clearly that the Republic of China is an independent sovereign state. If Beijing really wants to negotiate, then it has to make clear its stance about the Republic of China, or there isn’t really any room for negotiations,” he added.

Taiwan is considered by China as a breakaway province which will be eventually united with the mainland, if necessary by force. The government has emphasised that they aim at peaceful reunification under its “one China” principle, according to which Taiwan and the mainland are one country.
He Lei stated that the issue of Taiwan was a “continuation of China’s civil war”, which ended in 1949. “Taiwan is an internal issue for China and it is a continuation of the civil war,” he said.

“This is why the Chinese military is called the People’s Liberation Army – because (Taiwan) is not liberated yet and China is not yet united. Now the Tsai Ing-wen (government) of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party wants to promote Taiwan independence, and invites foreign intervention,” he added.

“This is why we cannot renounce the use of force … we are still fighting the war of liberation,” Lei stated. Ties across the Taiwan Strait have hit a new low since Tsai, of the independence-leaning DPP, became the president in 2016, and came to power for a second term three years ago.

National Taiwan University’s retired professor Chang Ya-chung said “one country, two systems” failed to understand the reality that the ROC government ruled Taiwan.

“If it is Beijing’s position that the civil war has not ended, then it will need a three-step solution (for reunification) and the first one would be a peace agreement to end cross-strait hostility,” said Chang. “This will help pave the way for reunification talks, and only the final step is to discuss what political system Taiwan may adopt,” he added.




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