| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Taliban Seize Another Checkpoint on Afghan-Iranian Border, Reports Say

The Taliban* movement on Friday captured another checkpoint on the Afghan-Iranian border, the Pajhwok news agency reported, citing sources.

The Abu Nasar Farahi checkpoint in the Farah province was seized, according to the news agency.

Earlier in the day, the Taliban movement said that they have seized the main checkpoint on the Afghan-Iranian border

The border town of Islam Qala fell under the full control of the Taliban, and they plan to reopen the border checkpoint on Friday, according to AFP.

On 5 July, Afghan border guards gave up without a fight their checkpoint to the attacking Taliban. Some 312 border guards and military personnel crossed the bridge into the territory of Tajikistan overnight.

Afghanistan is torn in a confrontation between government forces and the Taliban, who have seized significant territories in rural areas and launched an offensive against large cities. Tensions have flared up as the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country is nearing its end.

In recent days, thousands of Afghan government soldiers have fled to neighboring Tajikistan, escaping from the Taliban, which took over 70% of the Afghan-Tajik border under its control. Uzbekistan, which shares a border with Afghanistan, has refused to accept Afghan soldiers trying to cross borders.

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