| 23 February 2024, Friday |

“Talk of Russian nuclear escalation is rhetoric and brinkmanship,” says UK’s Raab

British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab called talk of Russia utilizing nuclear weapons in its invasion of Ukraine “brinkmanship,” and he disputed President Putin’s comments comparing Western sanctions to a declaration of war.

“I believe it’s bluster and brinkmanship,” Raab told Sky News when questioned about the Kremlin’s hypothetical nuclear escalation.

“(Putin’s) got a track record of disinformation and propaganda as long as anyone’s arm… this is a distraction from what the actual problems are at hand – which is that it’s an unlawful invasion and it’s not going as planned,” Raab added.

He rejected Putin’s statement from Saturday that likened the West’s sanction’s to a declaration of war.

“Sanctions are not an act of war, international law is very clear about that,” he said. “Our sanctions are entirely both legally justified, but also proportionate to what we’re trying to deal with.”

He also called on China and India to help increase diplomatic pressure on Russia.

“China has got a job here. They’ve got to step up as well – this is a permanent member of Security Council – and India as well. We need to expand the diplomatic pressure,” Raab said.

  • Reuters