| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery to Be Sold in Bundle with Solar Panels, Musk Says

Tesla’s first Powerwall stationary home battery pack was announced in 2015, and the second generation a year later.

Elon Musk has announced on Twitter that from next week Tesla Powerwall stationary energy storage would only be sold integrated with solar panels.

He also said that Tesla will increase the Powerwall’s capability for free through a software update, giving customers a capacity increase of up to 50 percent.

​Musk announced the policy just hours after addressing complaints by Ark Investment Management’s Director of Research Brett Winton, who tweeted that he was waiting for the local utility company to approve the connection so his Tesla solar panels could generate electricity.

Musk responded that utility permission is not usually required if electricity is stored in the Powerwall.

The tech mogul later tweeted that “Tesla Solar + Powerwall battery enables consumers to be their own utility.”

​The news on the product packaging is not something new: last month Elektrek reported that Tesla was only accepting orders for new Powerwall when combined with a Tesla solar panel.

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