| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Tests negative on recuperating pope after fever, Vatican says

The Vatican announced on Thursday that Pope Francis, who is recovering from intestinal surgery in a Rome hospital, had a fever on Wednesday night, but that microbiological checks and chest and belly scans were negative.

In the Gemelli hospital, Francis, 84, was continuing his prescribed treatment.

“His Holiness is a saint. Pope Francis had a peaceful day, eating and moving around without assistance “The fever on Wednesday night, according to spokesperson Matteo Bruni, was only transitory.

On Sunday night, he underwent a three-hour operation known as a left hemicolectomy, in which one side of the colon is removed. According to the Vatican, the procedure was performed to remove a section of the colon that had been badly constricted.

Unless issues arise, he is scheduled to spend a total of seven days in the hospital.

  • Reuters