| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Thailand seizes $88 million worth of crystal meth bound for Taiwan

“Every voter receives a marble,” he explained. “I believe it is open and honest.”

Under the simple majority system, results are expected on Sunday.

Other contenders include Essa Mbye Faal, who served as top counsel of the Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission, which documented Jammeh’s rule’s atrocities, and Mama Kandeh, who finished third in 2016 and is sponsored by Jammeh.

As the campaign drew to a conclusion on Thursday night, hundreds of ecstatic Barrow supporters gathered in downtown Banjul for a last rally, hopeful that another Barrow term would bring stability to the country.

Patchara said that Thai and Taiwanese authorities were both investigating.

The methamphetamine market has continued to expand and diversify in East and Southeast Asia, unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic.

In October, police in neighboring Laos seized a record haul of 55 million methamphetamine tablets and over 1.5 tonnes of crystal methamphetamine tablets in the Golden Triangle region where the borders of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos meet.

The Golden Triangle has a long history of illicit drug production and has recently served as a massive production centre for amphetamine-type stimulants, especially methamphetamine, used by Asian crime syndicates with distribution networks reaching as far as Japan and New Zealand.

  • Reuters