| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

The Libyan government is betting on Biden administration to secure the withdrawal of the mercenaries

The United States of America seeks to end the presence of the Turks and Russians in Libya, indicating that the new Libyan authorities are betting on the new US administration to secure the “withdrawal of mercenaries,” according to a report published by “John Afrik” magazine. The report indicated that Washington, since the election of President Joe Biden, has shown its desire to forcefully return to the Libyan file and end what it called the “proxy war” waged by the Turks and Russians in Libya.

Adding that the new President of the Presidential council ,Muhammad AL-Manafi realizes that he must initiate the demand for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Libya if he wants to legitimize his authority.

It pointed out that “the departure of foreign forces was supposed to take place in the city of Sirte, where a demilitarized zone was supposed to include the headquarters of future institutions before the 23rd of last January, but with the passage of the deadline, neither Russia nor Turkey budged, and it was assumed that The coastal city hosts MPs who must vote on forming the new government, which must be proposed on February 26th

Adding that “Moscow, which took advantage of the absence of Americans to occupy the field, is getting more in sight than ever before, and the White House wants to radically end its presence in Libya.

Discussions resumed in diplomatic circles. On January 28, John Sullivan, the US ambassador to Moscow, spoke with Mikhail Bogdanov, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, on this matter. On the same day, Richard Mills, the US ambassador to the United Nations, unleashed a barrage of criticism to Ankara and Moscow, demanding an end for Their military interventions and the withdrawal of their mercenaries.

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