| 25 June 2024, Tuesday |

“The Patriot Coalition” Will Help Save the Lives of Thousands of Ukrainians and Strengthen the Protection of the Sky over Europe

During May, Russia carried out 17 massive missile and drone attacks. In the first days of June alone, the Russians launched three such massive strikes on Ukrainian cities. Russia steps up missile terror – the highest frequency of such airstrikes since the start of a full-scale invasion. The Russians are beginning to use ballistics – in particular, Iskander missile attacks took place on May 29 and June 1. This is done specifically to cause as many casualties as possible among Ukrainian civilians. Accordingly, Ukraine should receive a deeply echeloned sky defense system: the creation of “the Patriot” coalition” would stop the Russian Federation’s attempts to carry out the genocide of Ukrainians through missile terror. This initiative of V. Zelenskyy was already supported by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte.

The American Patriot air defense system has proven its high efficiency – it destroys even Russian Kinzhal and Iskander missiles. The Russians are changing their tactics, and now their goal is to cause maximum casualties among Ukrainian civilians. Against the background of the military failures of the Russian army, this is Putin’s main goal. Russia daily fires not only the frontline and border territories of Ukraine with various types of weapons, but also massively attacks the rear Ukrainian cities cruise with ballistic missiles, as well as Iranian drones. This leads to the need to strengthen the protection of the Ukrainian sky – air defense play a key role here.

Russia will continue its missile terror – intensive May’s attacks confirmed that the sanctions, the lack of elements and imported chips doesn’t prevent the Russian military industrial complex from producing missiles as before the war. Each new batch of such weapons are used against peaceful Ukrainians. The actual scale of the production of cruise and ballistic missiles is unknown – despite the skepticism of many experts regarding the ability of the Russian Federation to produce missiles under sanctions, it is likely that such production has even increased.

This significantly increase the need for the supply of air defense equipment for the Armed Forces, especially the Patriot air defense system, because the Russian Federation is increasingly using ballistic and aeroballistic missiles, which can only be shot down by the most advanced air defence systems. In the future, a single, deeply echeloned air defense system should be formed over the whole of Europe, because the expansion of the geography of Russian missile terror is not excluded. The Kremlin’s tactics shows that after a successful counteroffensive and the liberation of its territories from occupation, Ukraine will receive a vengeful Russia, which will long and systematically launch missiles. Accordingly, Ukraine’s Western partners should now think about the creation of “the Patriot coalition” for Ukraine, which will help save the lives of the civilian population.