| 17 June 2021, Thursday | النسخة العربية

The Pentagon moves an aircraft carrier to the Middle East

Defense officials said the Pentagon is expected to move the only aircraft carrier currently stationed in the Asia-Pacific region toward the Middle East to support the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Officials said the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, whose main port is in Yokosuka, Japan, will head to Afghanistan early this summer and will operate there for up to four months.

They indicated that the US Navy in the Asia-Pacific region will remain without an aircraft carrier throughout this period.

The US 7th Fleet, based in Japan, has dozens of other ships and aircrafts, but the redeployment of its only aircraft carrier represents a major shift away from Asia, which President Biden has described as a priority for the military.

Biden announced last month that he would withdraw all US and coalition forces from Afghanistan by 9/11. US officials said the presence of the aircraft carrier is in the area to provide security for the forces as they leave Afghanistan.