| 12 April 2024, Friday |

Thousands of anti-lockdown activists march through central London

Thousands of anti-lockdown activists are marching through central London in a “Unite for Freedom” demonstration to demand a ban on vaccine passports, the MailOnline reported on Saturday.

Protesters made their way through the capital earlier today as they brandished banners and placards daubed with a range of slogans including “no health passport” and “no new normal”.

The demonstrators did not appear to be complying with social distancing guidelines as they were not wearing face masks to protect them against the coronavirus.

This comes after Britain’s equalities watchdog warned the government that vaccine passports could be unlawful, create a ‘two-tier society’ and discriminate against ethnic minorities, migrants and the poor.

The supporters of the movement protest against new coronavirus measures including what they call “coerced vaccinations”.

The Metropolitan Police took to Twitter with a series of posts that read: “We have a policing operation in central London today as a result of a number of demonstrations.

“Anyone coming into London for a protest must make sure their gathering is lawful, with a risk assessment carried out by the organizer. See below our open letter on public gatherings.

“The demonstration in central London is moving along Park Lane, #Westminster. Local road closures are in place.

“Officers are on site and are engaging with those taking part.”

The demonstration is in response to “COVID-status certificates” being mulled by ministers to help open up society, get people back into work or away on holiday despite concerns from Boris Johnson’s own lawmakers that they will be “intrusive, costly and unnecessary”.

Polling conducted recently has found the majority of Britons back their use – especially for foreign holidays – yet there are wider concerns that they could be used in every facet of life including to get on public transport, into pubs, shops and restaurants.

Earlier this month, the Equality and Human Rights Commission piled pressure on the PM and told the Cabinet Office that while they are a “proportionate” way of easing restrictions, they could also exclude people from everyday life.

And they cautioned that a “no jab, no job” policy could be illegal before the entire population is offered a jab, while plans to force all care workers to be inoculated could also be subject to a legal challenge.

  • Daily Mail