| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Thousands of Sudanese take to the streets against deal between PM Hamdok and military

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They carried Sudanese flags and yelled, “Burhan, you will not govern.” “Down with military rule,” they said, alluding to Sudan’s military commander, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

Protests were also seen on social media in cities like as Port Sudan, Kassala, Wad Madani, and El Geneina.

While Hamdok’s restoration was a concession from military chief al-Burhan, significant political parties and civilian organizations argue that the army should not be involved in politics.

Osama Ahmed, a university student, stated that he is protesting al-Burhan because he wants to bring the revolution to an end and prevent the establishment of a civilian state.

Under the terms of the agreement reached on Sunday, Hamdok will lead a technocratic administration that will share power with the military during a democratic transition that is scheduled to run until 2023.

It is intended to be based on a prior agreement reached between military and civilian political factions following the 2019 removal of Omar al-Bashir, in which they promised to share power until elections. That collaboration was shattered by the coup.

The civilian coalition that shared power with the military before to the takeover, as well as its former ministers, have rejected Hamdok’s accord, blaming a brutal crackdown on anti-military rallies over the last month.

According to Hamdok, Sudanese authorities are devoted to democracy and free expression.

  • Reuters