| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Three members of terror cell killed in Jordan after escape of two

A statement released by the Jordanian Public Security Department, or PSD, following the killing of three wanted individuals, raised a plethora of questions regarding the existence of facilitations received by the inmates from inside the heavily fortified Muwaqqar Prison, located 45 kilometers east of Amman.

The statement indicated that the security forces identified the fugitives’ whereabouts, located hundreds of meters from the southeastern border strip of the kingdom in a highly rugged area.

Consequently, a specialized security unit was prepared and initiated a thorough search for them after they abandoned their escape vehicle and disappeared into the desert.

Once again, the case of “Al-Husseiniya terrorist cell” which was uncovered in December of 2022, takes the spotlight.

This comes after the killing of three wanted individuals, two of whom recently fled from prison under mysterious circumstances in an unprecedented escape operation.

They managed to flee from within one of the rehabilitation centers just days ago.

PSD said on Sunday that three men wanted on terrorism charges were killed in an exchange of fire with police on the kingdom’s southeastern borders.

PSD confirmed that two of the three men killed in a police shootout on Saturday were inmates who had recently escaped from a rehabilitation center.

All three are members of the “Al-Husseiniya cell,” which was involved in the killing of Col. Abdul Razzaq Al-Dalabeeh on Dec. 16 last year in the southern city of Maan, which was rocked by demonstrations against increasing fuel prices.

Exposing a terrorist cell with extremist ideology in Al-Husseiniya region of Maan Governorate, southern Jordan, in the final month of last year, raised concerns about the resurgence of this ideological movement and its dormant cells within the country.

These concerns were further heightened by the nature and details of the operation that was announced at the time, involving the killing of three members of the General Security Directorate at various ranks during a security raid targeting the “terrorist cell.”

The operation was carried out to apprehend the suspects involved in the killing of Al-Dalabeeh.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat