| 4 December 2023, Monday |

Time to become spy: China asks citizens to join nation’s fight against espionage

China is encouraging its citizens to actively participate in the nation’s fight against espionage. The top state security body has called on people to support the implementation of the country’s new anti-espionage law. In an effort to incentivize cooperation, Beijing has offered rewards and protection for individuals who provide valuable information in this regard.
In an article published on WeChat, the Chinese instant messaging application, the Ministry of State Security said that they would need help from the general public in order to implement the law efficiently. The article also called the current state of anti-espionage efforts “grim and complex”.

The article was published on Tuesday (August 1) and the details were carried out by several media outlets.
The department said in the article that espionage is a serious crime that “requires not only security agencies to play the role of special anti-espionage organs but also the broad participation of the people and their joint prevention”.

In the article, it was mentioned that security agencies must maintain reporting channels, such as hotlines and online platforms. The authorities should also be open to handling reports of suspected espionage within a short period of time and take action if required.

The body suggested “enhancing the mechanism for reporting espionage by legally commending, rewarding and protecting individuals and organisations who report espionage” in order to “normalise the mechanism for the people to participate in counter-espionage work”.

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