| 27 May 2024, Monday |

To fight West aggression, Belarus may turn into joint military base with Russia, says President Alexander Lukashenko

In an interview with CNN, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said, that his country may turn into a joint military base with Russia, to withstand the Western aggression, BelTA news agency reported.

“If we need to, Belarus will turn into one military base for Russia, in order to withstand your aggression, if you decide, or if any one country decides to attack. And you should be clear on this, I have never made any secret of it,” the president said.

While responding to a query as to whether there are any military objects on Belarusian territory as of now, he said that “there are no bases of any country, including Russia, except for two, one can say, with a civilian designation”.

The Belarusian president is also ready to step down when the West stops putting pressure on his country and its sovereignty is guaranteed completely.

“I swear, I am not going to be president even until the day I die. I swear. Everything will depend on the situation in Belarus,” the president said.

“If you, your handlers in the West, don’t meddle from wherever in our situation and if we feel confident and calm as a sovereign independent state, as people who deserved to be sovereign and independent, believe me, everything will happen earlier than you think. Yet if you only dare once again, like last year, to interfere in our events, it won’t end well,” the leader added.