| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Toll rises to 17 in Russia military research institute fire

Local authorities in the western city of Tver confirmed Monday that seventeen persons perished in a fire at a Russian military research institution last week.

“Unfortunately, the officially confirmed death toll has risen to 17 at this time,” Tver regional authorities stated in a statement.

It added that efforts were under way to clear the debris.

A fire broke out last Thursday at the Central Research Institute of the Russian Air and Space Forces in Tver. The same day, local officials said that six people had been killed in the blaze.

Preliminary information suggested the fire was caused by faulty electric wiring.

There has been no official update on the cause of the fire.

According to the defense ministry, the institute focuses on research related to Russian air and space defense, as well as the development of new anti-aircraft systems.

Accidental fires are common in Russia, where hundreds of blazes are recorded each year due to ageing and dilapidated infrastructure and non-compliance with safety standards that are often lax.

  • AFP