| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Trade is an important factor in India-US ties, PM Modi tells US President Biden

In their first meeting since Joe Biden took office, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminded the US President that there is still much work to be done in the sphere of trade, emphasizing the importance of the two nations’ business connections.

PM Modi emphasised the importance of the bilateral summit, noting that the seeds had been laid for a deeper partnership between India and the United States.

“There is much to be done in trade. Trade will be an important factor in India-USA ties in the coming decade, PM Modi said in his first bilateral meeting with the US President.

PM Modi stated that President Joe Biden is taking steps to put his vision for bilateral relations into action.

He went on to say that talent and people-to-people connections will determine this decade.

The following are PM Modi’s important White House quotes: 

  1. I’d like to express my gratitude to President Joe Biden for his kind greeting. I remember our encounters in 2014 and 2016. You had outlined your vision for India-US relations at the time. I’m delighted to see you’re working to make this idea a reality.
  2. There is much to be done in trade. Trade will be an important factor in India-USA ties in the coming decade.
  3. Today’s bilateral summit is important. We are meeting at the start of the third decade of this century. Your leadership will certainly play an important role in how this decade is shaped. The seeds have been sown for an even stronger friendship between India and the US.
  4. I am glad the Indian diaspora is making an active contribution to the USA’s progress.
  5. Gandhi Ji’s Jayanti was mentioned by President Joe Biden. Gandhi Ji discussed Trusteeship, a concept that will be critical for our world in the future.
  6. Each of the issues raised by President Joe Biden is critical to the alliance between India and the United States. His contributions to COVID-19, climate change mitigation, and the Quad are important.