| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Tunisia organisations and parties supportive of Saied turn against him

Considering that the online consultation project promoted by Kais Saied has “failed”, Several organizations and parties supportive of the Tunisian President have expressed their rejection to the policies applied by the authorities of Carthage. They criticised the status of disregarding and not consulting them.

The Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), Noureddine Tabboubi, criticised President Kais Saied’s disregard for the national organisations, which are components of Tunisian society, stressing that the UGTT is not a “pawn” in Tunisia.

Tabboubi said that the President of the Republic can progress to conduct the consultation, or even change the Constitution, and “the people have to bear their responsibility,” calling in the same context for the necessity of holding a national dialogue.

Commenting on President Saied’s issuing of a number of decrees on private companies and penal reconciliation, the Secretary-General of the General Labour Union said, “The purpose is not in just signing of decrees, but in their feasibility and effectiveness.”

In the same context, the Secretary-General of the People’s Movement, Zouhair Maghzaoui, confirmed that the political system with two heads of the executive authority is one of the causes of the crisis in Tunisia. He also explained that “Saied’s discourse is totally different from the discourse of Prime Minister, Najla Bouden”.

Maghzaoui expressed his surprise at Saied’s speech addressed to the Tunisians late on Sunday night, especially since it coincided with the anniversary of Independence Day.

“I did not understand why he would give a speech before and after midnight. On the occasion of Independence Day, the President of the Republic could address the people and announce his decisions. I was not surprised by his speech, since we have recently become used to the way he delivers his speeches,” said Zouhair Maghzaoui, the Secretary-General of the movement supportive to President Saied.

Maghzaoui considered that Kais Saied was supposed to officially celebrate the anniversary of Independence Day, “but I was surprised that things were done in this way on a national day.”

Maghzaoui stated that the People’s Movement’s recent position revolved around priorities. He said: “We were among the supporters of 25 July, but the disagreement today is about the management of the current stage, and about priorities.”

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