| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Two American and French aircraft carriers start operations against ISIS

The French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” took command of the naval force of the international coalition to combat ISIS, according to what the French Minister of Armies announced, while the American carrier “Eisenhower” began its operations from the Mediterranean.

The minister added that France lags behind the United States in leading the mission, which shows the coalition’s determination to confront ISIS.

The carrier Charles de Gaulle is leading the mission after its arrival in Abu Dhabi, and the aircraft carrier is accompanied by two frigates, a French supply ship and a Belgian frigate.

The French Army’s Ministry statement stated that the Naval Air Group will assume all tasks for the continued presence of the coalition.

He added that the Gulf region is part of regional stability, and that the French presence allows the situation to be directly assessed.

The French Minister of Armies confirmed that the mission also includes ensuring freedom of navigation in the Gulf.

I n addition, the US Navy announced that the aircraft carrier group “Dwight Eisenhower” began combat operations in support of the coalition against ISIS from the eastern Mediterranean.

The US Navy stated that its military operations demonstrate Washington’s commitment to the region’s security.