| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Two freight trains collide in Czech Republic, leaving 1 person dead

One person died after two freight trains collided in the Czech Republic’s northwestern Usti nad Labem region, causing a fire due to a cargo of flammable gases, the region’s ambulance services spokesman, Prokop Volenik, said.

“For unknown reasons, two freight trains collided in the area of the village of Svetets, and the drivers of both trains were injured, one of whom died at the location. The train driven by the deceased was carrying propane-butane gas. The fire that broke out on this train was quickly extinguished by firefighters who arrived promptly, the transported cargo was not affected by fire,” Volenik said.

He said that the second train driver was taken to the nearest hospital with moderate injuries.

Emergency crews are undertaking work at the location and officials from the country’s railway administration have arrived at the scene to begin a probe to determine the circumstances of the collision.

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