| 5 December 2023, Tuesday |

Two killed in shootout between bikers in New Mexico

On Saturday, two individuals were murdered and six others were injured in a firefight at a motorcycle event in Red River, New Mexico, according to state police.

During the annual Memorial Day motorcycle rally, riders began firing at one other on the main street of the mountain town approximately 75 miles northeast of the state capital Santa Fe, Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun reported by phone. She stated that three persons were killed and five others were injured.

“It was members of a motorcycle gang,” Calhoun said, declining to give further information on their identity. “They were all people from out of town.”

Some 28,000 bikers from across the country were expected to attend the rally, which features live music and remembrance ceremonies at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in nearby Angel Fire.

Some of the wounded were transported to hospital in Taos, New Mexico, around 25 miles to the southwest, state police said on Twitter.

Taos town banned alcohol sales after the shooting and called a curfew.

The incident comes eight years after nine bikers were killed and 18 wounded in a shootout in Waco, Texas involving members of motorcycle groups such as the Bandidos and Cossacks.

  • Reuters