| 29 November 2023, Wednesday |

Two-month extension of Yemen ceasefire agreed: UN envoy

The UN’s special envoy for Yemen announced an additional extension of the tenuous cease-fire between the warring parties and pledged to step up negotiations for a broader peace accord.

Hans Grundberg released a statement in which he said, “I am glad to inform that the parties have agreed to prolong the truce, under the same circumstances, for an additional two months, from 2 August 2022 to 2 October 2022.” In order to expeditiously negotiate an enlarged truce agreement, the parties have agreed to step up their negotiations as part of this truce extension.

Grundberg thanked all sides for being able to extend the ceasefire, which has been the longest period of a truce since the war broke out seven years ago.

Last month, the European Union reprimanded the Iran-backed Houthis for rejecting a UN proposal to reopen roads around the city of Taiz. The UN had been pushing for a six-month ceasefire.

But Grundberg warned on Tuesday that an expanded truce proposal would allow for the resumption of a Yemeni-led political process to reach a lasting peace.

“The main objective of the current truce continues to be to provide tangible relief to civilians and to create a conducive environment for reaching a peaceful settlement to the conflict through a comprehensive political process,” he said.

The diplomat added that he would “intensify” talks with the parties to ensure the full implementation of all the parties’ obligations in the truce.

He singled out Saudi Arabia and Oman for their support in his efforts to end the war.

  • alarabiya