| 5 February 2023, Sunday |

UAE COVID-19 trial: Almost all children had virus antibodies after Sinopharm vaccine0

All children who received two doses of Chinese-made Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine in the UAE, generated antibodies against the virus, a trial among adolescents have showed health officials said.

The results of the trial on 900 children were revealed by the country’s National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) during a press briefing on Tuesday. Some members of Abu Dhabi’s ruling family participated in the trial.

The Covid-19 trial found that 96.6 percent of children inoculated with Sinopharm generated a good level of antibodies, while only a minor number of youngsters who received the dose experienced side effects from the vaccine.

The health body said these minor symptoms were similar to those experienced with other childhood inoculations such as polio vaccines.

Among the total inoculated children, 29.7 percent experienced pain in the place of injection, eight percent experienced headaches and 3.7 percent experienced fever or high temperature.

These symptoms and side effects normally faded very quickly, the trial found.

“Vaccine safety is considered high for children between three to 17-years-old, as there have been no positive cases for children who have received the vaccine,” NCEMA said.

It was also revealed on Tuesday that the UAE’s main contact tracing app (Al Hosn app) has been revamped with new features. This includes a new display showing if someone has been vaccinated and had a recent PCR test.

Tourists and new residents who were vaccinated against COVID-19 abroad will also be able to upload their vaccine certificates from August 15.

NCEMA announced Tuesday that the UAE had recorded 1,334 new cases of COVID-19, 1,396 new recoveries and four virus-related deaths in the previous 24 hours.

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