| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

UAE joins Interpol operation to crack down on human trafficking gangs

The United Arab Emirates has joined forces with 47 countries under Interpol in Operation Liberterra, a global crackdown on migrant smuggling and human trafficking gangs.

The international joint operation, launched earlier this month, resulted in the arrest of 286 individuals all around the world, including 12 in the UAE, state news agency WAM reported on Monday.

According to the UAE’s Ministry of Interior, 430 victims of human trafficking and 4000 victims of illegal immigration were saved in the global operation.

Law enforcement officials from different countries participated in Operation Liberterra between July 5 and 9, carrying out about 500,000 inspections at checkpoints and airports as well as at hotspots identified through intelligence and investigations, according to Interpol.

UAE agencies launched a parallel awareness campaign targeting tourism staff, public transport drivers, workers in industrial areas, domestic workers recruitment offices in an attempt to raise awareness about the various forms, means and ways of human trafficking.

The UAE, which was the first country in the region to pass a comprehensive law to fight human trafficking in line with all international laws and treaties in 2006, led a national team through the MOI.

“Human trafficking is one of the major security threats being faced by countries across the world. It has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry led by organized criminal groups,” Lt Colonel Dana Humaid from the UAE’s Ministry of Interior said.

“While it is challenging to determine the scale of the problem, experts agree that millions of victims are trafficked every year, either for forced labor, sexual exploitation, removal of organs, or people smuggling.”

Humaid also said, “The human cost beyond those immediately effected on families, on friends, and communities is incalculable.”

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