| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

UAE stresses importance of two-state solution at UNSC meet on Palestine

The UAE has stressed that the only sustainable solution to overcome the deteriorating conditions in the Palestinian territory is to achieve a two-state solution through the creation of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, in line with the relevant Security Council resolutions, the Madrid reference, and the Arab Peace Initiative.

This came in a written statement submitted by the UAE to the UN Security Council quarterly open debate on “The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian Question,” according to Emirates News Agency (WAM).

The statement drew attention to the difficult humanitarian, political, and economic challenges facing the Palestinian people, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the obstruction of the political process.

The UAE stressed that strengthening the international community’s tangible, practical, and urgent support for vital sectors in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including the health and education sectors, must be an immediate priority.

In this regard, the UAE highlighted the food and health aid it recently provided, reflecting its historic commitment to the Palestinian people.

The UAE affirmed that the international community must help maintain the recent ceasefire and encourage efforts to prevent escalation and advance negotiations. It also emphasized the need to protect the prospects for the two-state solution and to break the deadlock by relaunching a credible peace process.

Accordingly, the UAE affirmed its support for regional and international efforts to advance this process, particularly the efforts of Egypt and Jordan in helping to reach a ceasefire.

The UAE reaffirmed its commitment to continuing working with regional and international partners to end the cycle of conflict in the Middle East based on its belief that the people of the region deserve to enjoy a decent life in stable countries and secure societies, where tolerance and prosperity prevail, and in which people can realize their hopes and aspirations.

  • alarabiya