| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

UK announces further aid for Ethiopia

UK called on the Council’s members to come together and to urge with one voice for immediate ceasefire and access to humanitarian aid to Ethiopia, announcing a further 16.7 million pounds in aid.

Speaking to reporters on June 15, in New York, British Ambassador Barbara Woodward said, “ the UK is confident in the reliability of the data that has been presented by the UN. It is clear that food, agricultural tools, and life stocks are being destroyed.”

The further 16.7 million pounds in aid, brings to a total of 47.7 million pounds since the conflict begin eight months ago.

The UK Ambassador also said, “without a ceasefire, this can be a manmade famine. It is not drought or locust that is causing this hunger, but the decisions of those in power. That means those in power could also end the suffering.”

She continued, “we were told in March that the Eritrean forces will be withdrawing, it is now June, there can be no further delay.

Farmers have been not able to plant for next year’s corps due to the violence, the window for them to do so is about to close, and while the violence continues, it is not only condemning the people of Tigray to desperate hunger this year but next year too.

The UK Ambassador reiterated, “the solution is clear – a ceasefire, humanitarian access, and political dialogue.”

  • Reuters